IELTS Speaking Test

~Grammatical range and accuracy are the third-most important factors for IELTS Speaking Tests ~

If you are aiming at an S7 and above band score for your IELTS speaking test,you need to ensure that you are adept atusing a range of complex structures with some flexibility for eerror-free sentences. Though some grammatical errors are allowed, it is important to remember that the more errors you have, the lesser your chances of getting a strong band scoreof S7–S7.5and above.

To share a quick recap, the four important criteria orband descriptors are—

(a.) fluency and coherence,

(b.) lexical resource,

(c.) grammatical range, and

(d.)accuracy and pronunciation.

Here we discuss the checklist for the third band descriptor—grammatical range and accuracy:

1. If you are unable to produce even a basic sentence form, your band score can come down to as low as 2.0 for your IELTS Speaking Test.

2. It is not a wise decision to memorise your responses. Any hint of memorised responses will reflect on the way you speak, leading you to a low band score of 3. With the help of your expert IELTS coach take as many mock tests as possible.

3. Ensure you learn the basics of tenses. You cannot mix tenses as you speak. For example: “I was always interested in arts and crafts and I keep on making the best out of waste in my spare time.” The correct expression would be:“I have always been interested in arts and crafts and I keep on…”

4. Avoid hesitation during your IELTS speaking test. You need to avoid using pauses and fillers. The moment there is a pause, it is likely you will end up with a grammatical error. Use ‘connectors’ instead. Consider this expression, for instance: “I went for a movie last evening with my friends. My friend was enjoying the movie. I did not like it.” The correct expression would be: “My friends and I went for a movie last evening. Though they enjoyed the film, I didn’t quite like it.”

5. Do not end your sentences abruptly. For example, if the examiner asks you: “Do you enjoy cooking?”You cannot respond by saying, “I dislike cooking.” Rather, you should say:“I do not really enjoy cooking and that is simply because I am not sure of being able to put a good dish on the table.”


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