~IELTS expert coach Debeshi Chakraborty reveals the secret to scoring 7+ in IELTS Speaking test ~


It is highly recommended that you audio record yourself as much as you can as you prepare for your IELTS Speaking test. Check on the rate of your speech and variation in tone. You can ask your friend/family to mark you on the same.

If you are aiming a band score of 7+ for your IELTS Speaking test , it is imperative that you do not neglect any of the band descriptorsFluency and coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range & Accuracy and Pronunciation. Out of the four above, the descriptor that plays a vital role to help you achieve a band score of 7+ would be Pronunciation. It is extremely important that you do not neglect preparing yourself to understand the nuances of the same. It would help to have yourself enrolled at an IELTS institute in Gurgaon, where your expert IELTS coach guide you on the strict do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind and skill areas which need attention for a band score of 7+ and 8.

Keep in Mind –

1. Remember, 7+ or 8 band answers seek sustained flexible use of features. Amongst other things, the most important is being able to be understood by the examiner throughout the test. Maintaining coherence in speech is very important along with taking care of your rate of speech and intonation.

  1. Keep a check on your rate of speech. Your rate of speech is what will make or break your band score. If you are speaking too fast and the examiner fails to understand your words/sentences, she would not give you a good score. Being able to be understood is imperative hence check on your rate of speech.
  2. As you speak, your pronunciation needs to be in check as well. Avoid words that you are not too sure of. You can use high scoring words that are easy to pronounce yet are good enough to impress the examiner.
  3. Stress and stress on words which are important. Give a pause after words that are important and maintain your rate of speech. It has to be consistent. You cannot have a sentence that you wrap up in high speed followed by another one where you chew on the words and stretch it. Maintain the consistency in your speech.
  4. Ensure that you bring in intonation as you speak. Do not overdo it but keep in mind that you cannot afford to sound flat. There has to be some emotion in your voice as you speak. Stress on words that are important.

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