IELTS Speaking Checklist

~Pronunciation is the 4th most important band criteria for ELTS Speaking Test ~

If you are aiming a band score of 7+ for your IELTS Speaking test, the first thing you need to pay close attention as to how you speak. Your pronunciation will help you make or break your band score.

To share a quick recap, the four important criteria or band descriptors are—

(a.) fluency and coherence,
(b.) lexical resource,
(c.) grammatical range, and
(d.)accuracy and pronunciation.

Here we discuss the check list for the fourth band descriptor—accuracy and pronunciation.

1. With the help of your expert coach, list down the words that are often mispronounced. Repeatedly practice those words and record yourself each time.

2. Pronunciation has a direct impact on your fluency. If you cannot pronounce well, it shall have a negative impact on the flow of your sentences and your overall sentence structure as well. This shall lead you to add in more fillers. The examiner is bound to take note of this and your band score will be lower than expected.

3. Your coach shall help you with basic understanding of Phonemic Chart. This chart will acquaint you with the sound of vowels and consonants. In case you wish to understand this via self-study, you can check information available online

4. Do not try to put up an accent. The examiner is not interested to know whether you can replicate the British or American accent. He/she shall be judging you on the 4 criteria’s we have discussed. If you commit the mistake of putting up an accent, you are sure to mispronounce a whole lot of words.

5. Master the skill of stressing on certain words. The rhythm and stress on words will also have an impact on the way you shall be judged / examined.

For non-native English speakers, it is difficult to get the pronunciation of certain words, especially so when over the years we end up using those words and not being corrected in the way we pronounce them. For e.g. check online how to pronounce the German car brand Audi is pronounced. There are a lot many more words that we have been mispronouncing over the years. Hence it is recommended that you enroll yourself as a reputed coaching institute for thorough preparation.

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