~IELTS Listening test is all about catching the words being spoken in an accent and dialect that isn’t easy to grasp. Beware – you only have one chance hence there can be no room for mistakes!~

Preparing for IELTS Listening Tests requires sincere and dedicated preparation as it involves hearing pre-recorded speeches/conversation in English language with an accent accompanying it that you may or may not be aware of. T It is only under the guidance of an expert IELTS coach from an IELTS institute in Gurgaon that you can prepare yourself to take the IELTS Listening test with utmost confidence.

Check the most common mistakes to avoid on the day of your IELTS Listening test.

  1. Do not neglect the instructions. Simply jumping over to listening to the recordings will leave you confused. First thing that needs to be done is to read through the instructions before each recording.
  2. Read through the questions before you begin jotting down the answers. Your mind needs to be prepared to check on the information it needs to stop at.
  3. No, not get stuck with a word or sentence you do not understand. Doing so will only make you lose focus. You will not be able to grasp anything from thereon.
  4. Do not ignore the word limit for each answer. If it is written, answer in two words, make sure you answer in two words.
  5. Do not focus on the tough looking words in the questions. Those words may or may not be repeated in the recordings. Translate the questions in your mind. This shall help you spot the answers.
  6. Avoid spelling mistakes. You will be marked wrong. When you transfer the answers to your answer sheet, double check on all the spellings.
  7. Transfer all the answers in the answer booklet only at the end of the four recordings. Do not use the time in between the recordings to transfer the answers. That time is to be used to read through the instructions.
  8. Do not make the mistake of using a pen. You need to use a pencil to answer the questions.
  9. Even if you do not manage to get all the answers, do not panic. Write what you think is write but do not leave your answer sheet incomplete.
  10. Avoid confusing yourself by rewriting the answer. Stick to your original answer. The time that you would take to cancel that one answer and replace it with another one is sure to eat on your time and you shall end up missing on the other questions.

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