IELTS Exam Tips

IELTS exams, conducted by the British Council is one of the ways to get oneself an entry to an outside world. But to get a better score band, we need to follow some of the tips that are provided by the IELTS classes Gurgaon like IELTS They are useful for both the academic and the GT tests.

IELTS (on day) Exam tips

1. 2 hrs and 40 mins, this is how much time is covered by the IELTS tests without a break. Proper rest to maintain concentration is needed.
2. No need to focus on clothing as none is interested to see the same.
3. Transparent bottles can be carried away filled with drinks.
4. Be on time. Any delay will stop you from entering the exam hall.
5. No electronic items are allowed to be carried along with the candidate in the exam hall.
6. 2 pencils, one pen, one must have this along with an eraser. The ID is allowed and nothing other than can be carried along.
7. As per the test centre instructions, carry along the ID that has been asked for.
8. No watches allowed to take inside. Although one can take help of the already present clock in the hall.
9. Any disability with the candidate needs to be informed beforehand, i.e., before the test date.
10. Aim and techniques should be clear enough to get you a better score band. Confidence and calmness needed too.

IELTS (During test) exam tips

1. Headphones, if not working properly, one must call out for help.
2. Make sure that if a rise in volume is needed, you call out the invigilator for help.
3. One must read all the questions before the start of recording. Practice for same is needed.
4. Listen to answers, rather than understand everything.
5. Write answers while listening, on the question papers.
6. Word count should be noticed beforehand answering the questions.
7. 10 minutes are given to transfer the answer to the answer script after the recording ends. Make sure to check grammar and spelling properly.
8. CAPITAL LETTERS should be used for answering questions.

IELTS (Reading) exam tips

1. Instructions to be read properly and word count to be noticed.
2. One must not waste time finding one answer. Moving on to the next one will be better.
3. An eye on a clock is needed.
4. Write answers directly on the answer sheet. No extra time is given to transfer that.
5. Analyse questions beforehand.
6. Paraphrasing should be tried out.

IELTS (writing) exam tips

1. 20 minutes is maximum to be spent on task 1.
2. Keep track of time as task 2 needs 40 minutes.
3. 150 words for task 1 and 250 for task 2.
4. Count lines and estimate words instead of counting words.
5. Plan essay on question paper as no extra paper is provided.
6. Clear overview for academic task 1. Cover all points.
7. The conclusion is needed for task 2. Don’s miss.
8. Spell check is necessary as suggested by IELTS Gurgaon.
9. Relevancy and focus are needed for information.
10. Ask for the paper if needed.

IELTS (Speaking) exam tips

1. The practice is necessary. One must try expressing opinion beforehand on relevant topics.
2. Confidence and friendliness are needed.
3. Listen and answer. Don’t waste time.
4. Make answers informative as taught in IELTS classes Gurgaon.
5. Focus not just on vocabulary as it carries 25% marks.
6. Grammar tense range to be used.
7. Accent can be mixed, all that is needed is to make others understand.
8. Ask to repeat if questions are not clear.
9. If interruptions are made by the examiner, don’t lose confidence as it is normal.
10. Normal eye contact while speaking and a sneak peek at cue cards are allowed. Make sure to keep within the plan.

IELTS is one of the best in all IELTS classes Gurgaon. They make sure that all the above information is well understood by the candidate. They even provide enough training to make sure that one can handle it all confidently and get better band score. They are one package for all your needs. Make sure to approach in case any help is needed.

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