How to Calculate IELTS Band Score

IELTS, an exam used for measuring the English-Speaking proficiency of the candidate helps them to get a better job or colleges outside India. This test is conducted by British council who provides various scores for different skills. There are also varied types of institutions like IELTS Gurgaon which helps candidates prepare for their upcoming tests (for which there is no limit as regards the no. of times the same can be undertaken).

For measuring this score there is an IELTS band score measurement procedure mentioned below which will help explain the same in a better way.

Calculating the IELTS band scores:

The scores of IELTS are calculated between 0 to 9. One can even get the score in .5 like 5.5 or 8.5, etc. The score is provided based on the marks obtained in individual skills which are listening, reading, writing and speaking. There is also an overall band score provided to the candidates who take the exam. Coming to what exactly is an overall band score, it is the average of the scores which the candidates obtain individually in different skills.

There are also some other rules related to the calculation of scores which can be understood well through the example mentioned below:

Skills IELTS score
Listening 7
Reading 6.5
Writing 7
Speaking 8.5
Overall 7.25

Some points related to scoring are:

1. If the overall score is average 7.25, the score will be 7.5.
2. If the overall score is average 7.75, the score will be 8.
3. If the score (overall) is average 7.1, the score will be 7.
4. The score rounded off to up and down to nearest of .5 or which can be well understood in the above points.

There is also a description of Band score, the same is mentioned below:

1. If the band score is 9, it means that the candidate is an expert and has a better command over the English language and is highly flexible with the understanding of what was given to them as a part of the test.

2. If the band score goes to 8, it means that the candidate undertaking the exam is very good and has very rare errors.

3. If the candidate obtains a score of 7 it means candidate undertaking the test is a good user and has only some occasional errors and has some complex errors at occasions.

4. The score of 6 means the competent user is undertaking the test and has some errors and uses complex language in some cases.

5. The score of 5 means that of a moderate user which shows that the user has some frequent errors and has issues with the use of complex language.

The band scores for the listening and reading are calculated as per the total no of correct answers. There are in total of 40 questions and among the same, the answer for it is calculated. There is no loss of points in case of any incorrect answers given. is one such place which is the best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon. They help in IELTS exam preparation of the candidate at the best of what they can and make them pass the test of IELTS with better Band scores. They even help the candidates with better suggestions as regards the outer environment of which they are going to be a part of. They have many successful candidates who are leading out there outside India and making the best deals. They have been helping candidates since long and are creating the best professionals who want to succeed further in their life.

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