IELTS Writing Test involves writing a 150-word report on a bar chart, pie chart, table or diagram given to you. If you are not sure of your ability to understand charts and graphs, we recommend that you enroll yourself into a reputed IELTS training institute that offers training for IELTS tests

Below we share some quick tips on how best you can prepare yourself for understanding a bar chart:

We begin with Understanding a Bar Chart
A bar chart or bar graph is a chart that would have either horizontal or vertical bars. These are used to show a comparison. Where one axis represents the specific categories being compared, the other one represents a separate value.

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The bar chart aboveshows a comparison in gross earning of fiction books between different age groups / categories. Note the title given to X and Y axis. The title of the chart here would be as shared – Comparison in Gross Earnings of Fiction Books between Different Categories

Getting to Write the Essay / Report

  1. First, read the title of the bar chart. Don’t forget to check the time frame Is it only to do with the current year or is the comparison between the previous and the years to come? If that is the case, you will have to change the tense in your report based on the year you are talking about.
  2. Begin with an introduction explaining what the chart is about, followed by an overview. This is imperative as the IELTS examiner will figure out your understanding based on how strong your overview is on the bar chart given to you. This has to be followed by a comparison.
  • Focus on similarities and differences. In your body paragraph, use numbers. If you don’t, your band score automatically comes down.
  1. Use as many linking devices as you can. Use words like: compared to / opposed to / while / whereas / in comparison with, etc. This will help you achieve a higher band score.

  2. Write a summary for thebar chart. Don’t leave your essay or report with just a listing of differences and/or similarities. A two-line conclusion will add weight and help you score better in your IELTS Writing test.

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